Global Problem
Why YOU Must Take Action...
1) Degradation of our Air Supply
2) Degradation of our Pure Water Supply
3) Degradation of our supply of Whole Foods
4) Human Essential Nutrient Deficiencies
5) Rapid on-set of Disease, Disorder and Pre-mature Ageing

EARTHONN is designed to tackle these 5 serious realities by promoting the 5 foundations of Sustainable living.  By following the principles laid out in each foundation, YOU can effectively contribute to correcting the serious realities we as North Americans face.  Start by Visiting Foundation #1 CLEAN AIR

Because of Global Warming and higher levels of chemicals in our food, water and oxygen supply, we have shifted the equilibrium of the earth's natural system.  In the year 2005, we set a scary milestone for the highest carbon dioxide levels ever tested dating back to prehistoric times.  Coinciding with this off-the-scale CO2 reading was a milestone for the highest average global atmospheric temperature.  This rise in temperature is now melting our polar ice caps and causing catastrophic disasters like Hurricane Katrina that will continue if we don't take immediate action. More than ever before, the earth needs all of our help get it back in balance. 

CANCER: A Modern Day DiseaseEpidemiology research shows Cancer - a DNA orientated disorder - is growing at a rate that will soon overtake heart disease as the #1 killer in North America. What is happening for this DNA orientated disorder to have climbed so quickly?  While it is true that doctors have advanced in their ability to diagnose cancer, the rate in the diagnosis of cancer  has climbed a full 46% in the past 10 years compared to last decade.  Further more; the World Cancer Report released by the World Health Organization indicates that global cancer rates may increase by an addition 50% to 15 million by 2020.  We must take action immediately by attacking this disorder at the root of its cause, our tainted oxygen, or water and food supplies; the three resources that sustain human life.

What has been thrown into our environmental mix to trigger such a significant escalation in cancer?  One very likely answer is the introduction of industrialized farming techniques in 1945 that introduced chemicals into our raw food supply.  These chemicals eventually run off into our streams, lakes and oceans.  This is the water that eventually makes up the water supply we consume.  The chemical residue found both within our food and water directly and indirectly ends up in you!  Chemicals = DNA Mutation = Cancer.  Common sense tells us that it is the food we eat, the water we hydrate ourselves with and the air we breathe that oxygenates our bodies, all 50 trillion cells of our body, inevitably affects the ultimate fate of our health.  These facts drive the EARTHONN organization to bring awareness to this modern day problem. EARTHONN delivers effective strategies YOU can implement in your life to help you overcome our escalating disease rate.  This can only be accomplished if, as a society, we commit to living in a more sustainable manner.